Alex Hamilton

Social Media Strategist + ALP Progressive Leader

Alex isn't a guru, ninja or jedi, he is just a guy who likes social media, politics and technology. And he does a lot of all three.

More About Alex

Alex Hamilton works at a fantastic progressive union, United Voice NSW. Alex is in charge of their communications team. He writes about politics, technology, philosophy and more. In addition to his website and blog, Alex also consults on online identity and social media strategy for public figures such as journalists, photographers, public intellectuals and political entities.



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Google Voice: One Number To Rule Them All

Google Voice: One Number To Rule Them All. #Google #technology #notyetinOZ

Telephone Exchange In The 1950s

It may feel like we are living in a technological nirvana, but there are some old school holdouts. Phone numbers are one of them.

Home phones are gone, but VOIP, your work phone, work mobile, personal mobile, IM and more, have sprung up in its place.

Why do we even have so many numbers in our modern lives?

There is no good reason, other than inertia.


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